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Candy Kat
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Men get stupid when they see breasts of this size, Candy Kat said. Thats how the male brain is hardwired, and its totally normal, no matter a guys nationality. The first time we saw Candys photos, we immediately won the Stupid Award. Candy once again captured our hearts and lowered our IQs with her photogenic training routine. When Candy works out, her tits fly. They could knock a guy out if he ever got in the way, but it would be an honor and worth the pain. XLGirls: So Candy, what type of foreplay do you like! Candy: Massage is the best. XLGirls: Whats your favorite position! Candy: Deep doggy style. XLGirls: Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a girl! Candy: My first sexual experience was with a girl and for a long time I thought that I only liked girls. For four years I only had girls until I tried real cock. XLGirls: What do you think was your most-unusual sexual experience! Candy: It was in a stores furniture section. Fun and

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