Dont Talk To Strangers, Scene 01

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Casey Calvert
Gina Valentina
Mick Blue
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DONT TALK TO STRANGERS School Girl Taken and Fucked by Deranged Married Couple The scene opens on Amy, a bright and happy 18-year-old high school student, as she heads home from school one afternoon. The camera lingers on her while she walks - wearing her school uniform, listening to ear-buds, and carrying a book bag innocently over her shoulder. When she passes a homeless man, she pauses and reaches into her bag, handing him her lunch leftovers. The man thanks her and she tellshim to keep his chin up before putting her buds back in and walking on. You can tell the girl is a very good Samaritan. As Amy continues, she spots a car pulled up along the side of the road. A woman is leaning up against it. When she sees the girl approach, she pulls out her phone and starts to mutter to herself... Frustrated. Amy stops and regards the woman, who is immaculately dressed and very beautiful. Are you ok! she asks. The woman stops and, sighing, tells the girl that shes lost and cant get her G

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