Uncle Fucker, Scene 01

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Giselle Palmer
Steve Holmes
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UNCLE FUCKER Teen Caught Getting Fucked by Fathers Best Friend SCENE opens on Jessica, a precocious 18-year-old girl, as she sits knees tucked on her bedroom floor finishing her makeup in front of a mirror. She smiles and pouts at herself, taking a few selfies, before overhearing her father call her into the kitchen. Its Sunday, the day of the big game, and he is having several buddies over... Including John, a man whos always been like an Uncle to Jessica and someone shes crushed on for years. When she struts in the kitchen, Jessicas father is shocked. How come she is dressed up like that! She is way too young to be wearing such provocative clothing! Jessica tries to protest, telling her dad its just what teenage girls wear these days, but dad is insistent that she go back and change. His friends are coming over, for goodness sake! She had promised to help him host... Not be a slut! Jessica glares at her father before storming back into her room and slamming the door. Jessicas bedroom door slowly opens, as she creeps out into the hall amid sounds of men cheering and laughing in the other room. The game has begun. The camera slowly pans out to reveal the teenager dressed in a

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