Making The Squad, Scene 01

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Judy Jolie
Kenna James
Lesbians Pornstars

Judy Jolie is on her bed catching up with some work when her phone rings. Kenna James is on the other line and has just told Judy that shes considering joining the cheer squad. Judy is ecstatic and tells her that thats an awesome idea! Kenna wonders if they could possibly meet up at some point since Judys been in the squad for some time. Judy sets the time for tomorrow and the girls hang up the phone. The next day, Judy brings along an extra uniform for Kenna to wear while they train. If she wants to make the squad, shes gonna have to look the part! Kenna asks her what kind of moves shell be expected to learn. When she mentions the splits, Kenna is pretty sure that she wont be able to do that. Judy tells her not to be silly and demonstrates how easy they are to do. She asks Kenna to try it on the bed so she doesnt hurt herself. Kenna stretches out and Judy informs her that shes actually closer than she thinks. She asks her to lie down and grabs Kennas legs and slowly pulls it up. She tells her that if she does this a couple of times a day she should be good to go. When Judy asks her why she decided to join the squad, Jenna admits having ulterior motives other that cheering

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