Three Cheers For Satan Kenzie, Jane, Kira, Small Hands

( )
Jane Wilde
Kenzie Reeves
Kira Noir
Small Hands
Alt Emo Pornstars Punk Tattoo

Its 1999, and cheerleaders Kenzie Reeves, Kira Noir, and Jane Wilde are hanging around outside of school. They grumble, complaining that theyre 18 and graduating high school this year. Why cant they just stay hot young cheerleaders forever!! Kenzie casually mentions that shed sell her soul to look 18 forever and suddenly, in a puff of fire and brimstone, Principal Taylor Small Hands appears. But theres something... Off about him, and its not just the cloud of infernal smoke... Its the little horns that poke out of his forehead. The girls are confused until Taylor tells them that hes NOT Principal Taylor, thats just his day job. Hes actually... The DEVIL cue maniacal laughter! After explaining that he showed up because THEY summoned him, he whisks them away to his lair and pulls out his standard eternal beauty contract. If they want to stay young forever, all they have to do is sign it. Kenzie signs without another thought but the other girls are a little more hesitant, noticing that after 20 years, they have to sacrifice a virgin to renew the contract. But, after some convincing from Kenzie, Kira and Jane sign on the dotted line. So, after a good old-fashioned satanic

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