Ransom, Scene 01

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Brad Sterling
Johnny Goodluck
Lily Glee
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RANSOM Teen And Her Boyfriend Scam Her Dad With Elaborate Ransom SchemeKatie Lily Glee and her boyfriend, Shane Johnny Goodluck, often daydream about running away and starting a new life together elsewhere. But to do that, they need money, and lots of it... Fortunately for them, Katies father, Roland, is wealthy -- unfortunately for them, hes also a greedy jerk. So Shane decides that its finally time to chase their dreams AND give Roland his comeuppance. Shane pitches a plan to Katie that involves faking a ransom video to get Roland to pony up. Although Katies unsure about it at first, she trusts Shane and goes along with it. Even so, when Shane pulls down his mask and turns on the camera, Katies transported to a whole different world. But something isnt right... No matter how much of a pounding her pussy and mouth takes, Roland keeps refusing to pay the ransom. Theyre in too deep now to give up and Katie has to play along even when Shane brings in a friend Brad Sterling. Will seeing his sweet daughter at the mercy of two strange men be enough to bring it all to an end! Or is the scam even more elaborate than Katie thinks! Story inspired by an original submission by Pu

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