Its Not Him, Its YOU!

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Abigaiil Morris
Damion Dayski
Lola Fae
Bareback Blowjob Hardcore Pornstars

Shy nerdy Abigaiil Morris is secretly in love with her roommate Damion Dayskis girlfriend, Lola Fae. Whenever Lola is around, Abigaiil is right there too donning her most form-fitting outfits, showing off her amazing body stealing glances in her direction. Lola, interprets this the wrong way she thinks Abi is after her man Damion so Lola bullies Abigaiil whenever she is around, exactly as Abi plotted. When Abigaiil finally confesses her feelings to a confused but flattered Lola, they decide to consummate their lust bring Damion along for the wet ride!

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