Kiki True: I Have Always Been a Big Fan of Anal

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Kiki True
Nicky Rebel
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Kiki True is a naughty little cutie with huge breasts that demand, not request, a good sucking and a stiff cock wedged between them. There is no shortage of volunteers to satisfy her needs, kinks and desires. In her model bio, Kiki wrote Gosh, I cant stop giggling. I have had many kinky encounters. It really just depends on what you personally consider kinkiest. I am a member of the mile high club, and that, I am very proud of. I once fucked a member of my church during sacrament, definitely an accomplishment in my book. And I wouldnt be a true slut if I couldnt say that I had a threesome in my parents bed while they were out. Those are probably my favorite kinky encounters, but I have quite a few more. Nicky Rebel has Kikis body all to himself. Since shes a fan of anal sex, her tight end gets a dick-down too.

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