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Lola Paradise
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Whats Lola Paradise doing! Shes misplaced her phone and shes looking for it. The view of Lola naked in high heels bending over to look in drawers and on her hands and knees looking under the couch is very inspiring. When her man gets home and finds her nude sitting on the couch trying to remember where she left her phone, he takes her mind off her search. XLGirls: Do you know how much your boobs weigh now! Lola Paradise: I dont know exactly but I think each one is more than 4 pounds. XLGirls: Do you like your nipples sucked hard or soft! Lola Paradise: It depends. I like both. XLGirls: Do you ever copy positions you see in adult videos or get ideas from videos! Lola Paradise: Yes, sometimes. Porn can be inspiring! XLGirls: Would you say you have a dominant or a submissive sexual personality! Lola Paradise: More submissive, I think XLGirls: So you enjoy being spanked! Lola Paradise: Just on my

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