Diana Eisley: Award-Winning Girl-Next-Door

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Diana Eisley
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Diana Eisley is the hottie one of our model finders saw working as a hostess in a sushi restaurant when he went for a meal. He gave her his number and exited. 99 percent of the time, the direct, in-person approach fails. Why! Because a lot of girls will just think its a pick-up line or a con job. But if that 1 percent success rate results in finding a girl like Diana, its worth it. Diana herself said At first, I thought it was fake, like a scam or something, but I decided, You know what! Ive done nothing for the last year since moving here. Lets try something new. I texted him saying, Hey, this is the hostess from the sushi bar you came to. Do you remember me! XLGirls: Youve probably heard everything. Whats the best compliment youve ever received! What was the worst! Diana Eisley: The best: Youre the weirdest, and that makes you awesome! The worst: Your body looks perfect for giving birth. XLGirls: How would you spend a million dollars if you hit the

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