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Yay, its been over 2 years since my site first opened. My ca

Dick James Lefty are fuckin creepin on me while Im masturbat

This is a crazy one! I bring my friend Keani over for some b

Look whos back! Mr HUGE BLACK COCK himself, Ice Cold. I got

I have to give a shout out to some of my members. You know w

Happy New Year! I have made a resolution this year. No white

I really hate trying to write these descriptions. But I have

Meet T Reel. Hes a crazy brother. I met him at some club, re

Today is moving day and Im lugging heavy boxes up my stairs.

BAAAAAH!!! I fell down and got a boo-boo! I fell down a long

Brian and I are making out at an outside party and he got me

Hello, its me again and Im back with an AWESOME update this

You all know Byron Long by now. If youre like me, you dont e

Hi ya guys...hows it going...better now that my new update i

Hi fellas, how are you doing this week! Im a little sad cuz

Today is very special. I have to admit, its been a long long

Hahahah this was such a fun time. I remember exactly how thi

Heres an old tape I found from when I just turned 18. Spring

Wow, you guys. Look at what I just found. My first shoot for

Hi guys! How is eveyone! I know I am great because my sister

Kacee Dean is here to visit me today. Shes almost as big of

Todays Sunday and I thought Id get some double Black Cock ac

HI! HI! HI! I am sooooo exicted about this weeks scene. Char

Hey guys! I bet you already know my sister, Spring, but I wa

Look guys! I found an old tape from just after I turned 18.

Hey guys! Today I get to do something very very special with

Merry X-mas. Have you been a good little boy! I bet you have

My friend Kylie is such a slut! Shes older. I like her. We a

Hi all you dirty little pervs...did you miss me! Im feeling

Byron Long has a really cool haircut. I like it. He comes ov

Hi guys, guess who!!! Its me...Katie Thomas, who else would

Do you guys know what a load dumper is! Well even if you do,

Hi guys, its me again! I just wanted to let you know that to

I cant believe it. That fucker, Ace is passing me off. I gue

Hi guys! Do you all remember Broc. Sure you do. Well I love

Hi guys, Katie here reporting live from my home computer. Th

So.... I am interviewing new bruthas for my website. I film

Hi fellas, hows it going! Im sooo excited about this weeks u

Man, I have had a tough past week. People have been bugging

I love Ace. Hes so funny. I came in on him looking through t

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